ABC Open: Bardi Jawi Rangers: caring for country

Join Dwayne and Trevor as they show us around their ‘office’, which must have some of the best views in Australia!

They are Bardi Jawi Rangers, working hard to care for country on the Dampier Peninsula in the West Kimberley.

See the spectacular landscape they work in and hear why Dwayne and Trevor love their jobs.

Things to think about

  1. Different landscapes often have distinct landform features. In a coastal landscape, a beach is a typical landform. What other landforms might you see in that landscape? Do you know much about the West Kimberley region in Western Australia? Can you name any places in this region or describe its landscapes, soils, plants and landforms?

  2. What type of landscape is mostly featured in the clip? Note the different types of landform features. What duties are the Bardi Jawi Rangers carrying out? What do they find on their beach clean-ups and how do these things get there? Dwayne says that he and Trevor ‘know this land off by heart’. What does he mean? What examples from the clip support this idea?

  3. Select five words that you think best describe the landscape seen in the clip. How can you tell that Dwayne and Trevor value this country? Why do you think Dwayne wakes up ‘wanting to go to work’? What might happen to these environments if groups like the Bardi Jawi Rangers didn’t carry out these duties?

  4. Create a slideshow to highlight the types and values of the landforms and landscape of the Dampier Peninsula. Think about their beauty (aesthetic value) and their long and continuing cultural and spiritual importance to the Aboriginal peoples of the area. Research other parts of the Kimberley and the spectacular landforms associated with its different landscapes. Start with the World Heritage-listed Purnululu National Park, with its Bungle Bungles Range.


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